Cloud and Mobile Computing – 2 Tech Trends to Watch (Part I)

The investment world keeps on looking out for good ideas in emerging technology to invest money to earn higher return. The perspective learned from the institute investors may serve a purpose of helping us gain insight into what technology is hot now. Here is a view shared by Gavin Baker,  the fund manager of Fidelity OTC  Portfolio that invests in just one thing: the future of technology.

In a recent interview at, Baker said he is looking at three emerging trends that are helping to shape the way he invests: cloud computing, mobility, and personalized medicine. We will covers his views of cloud computing and mobility in this and next blog entries

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Video gaming paradigm shift? Platform shifting? Place shifting?

In new product development theory developed by Kim Clark and Takahiro Fujimoto at Harvard Business School, there is so called platform innovation strategy. It is widely adopted by auto industry to introduce a new model every few years base on the same automobile platform, for example, Toyota’s renowned Camry platform. This is the same strategy employed by Nintendo. However, Nintendo may finally have to come to term with the new paradigm shift in video gaming industry – the platform shift made possible by new computer, communication and electronic technology.

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SNX 2012 服務設計工作坊系列

2012 SNX 服務設計工作坊系列推出新課程 !!!




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賀!! 應用劇本實驗室媒體設計師 江志浩,畢業作品榮獲新一代設計展媒體設計類銀獎。

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